our Family Office

Patrimonica is an independent and integrated family office, an organization created to address all the financial management needs of wealthy individuals and their families in an integrated and cohesive manner.

The Patrimonica team consists of highly qualified, experienced professionals who take pride in providing bespoke solutions, focused on individual client needs and acting solely in the client’s best interest. Their comprehensive approach provides a holistic perspective and cohesion by integrating financial, tax and estate planning with the investment management functions, all within a risk management framework, ensuring a consistent focus on the achievement of long-term goals. The practice is owned entirely by its founders, ensuring absolute objectivity and a true alignment of interests.

Patrimonica encompasses two legal entities, an accounting, financial, tax and estate planning practice and its subsidiary, Patrimonica Asset Management inc. which provides investment management services.

This approach centralizes contact and decision making in a singular point of reference.

Patrimonica Inc. and Patrimonica Asset Management Inc. abide by a strict code of ethics and corporate governance standards, ensuring absolute discretion, security and complete transparency, which we consider essential to a sound wealth management practice.