Philanthropic Strategy

The Patrimonica team works with you to understand and define your goals and values in order to establish a philanthropic strategy that is in sync with you overall financial plan. The ultimate choice of a philanthropic vehicle that best suits your needs is dependent your mission. There are many reasons which can inspire a donor to engage in long-term philanthropy, among them:

Giving through a private foundation
If philanthropy is important to you and your family and you wish to leave a lasting legacy, we can offer you the knowledge and the tools to help you make a lasting contribution. While a private foundation is the most structured form of long-term philanthropy, it offers a sound vehicle to foster engagement and personal satisfaction.

You can thus make a significant contribution to society by creating an organization that reflects your values and can adapt with the evolvement of ideals and opportunities over time. It can also serve to direct funds to the areas of your choice while exercising control over the amount invested.

If you contemplate setting up a private foundation, you can benefit from our professional advise and expertise in the establishment and administration of private foundations, including: 

Our philanthropic planning services:

Philanthropic Management 

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